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 Website Policies

Copyright Policy

The contents of this website may not be reproduced partially or fully, without due permission from the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. If referred to as a part of another publication, the source must be appropriately acknowledged. The contents of this website can not be used in any misleading or objectionable context.

Hyper Linking Policy

External links present on the website

The links to other websites/portals may be placed for your convenience. We are not responsible for the contents and reliability of the linked websites and do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in them. Mere presence of the link or its listing on this website should not be assumed as endorsement of any kind. We cannot guarantee that these links will work all the time and we have no control over availability of linked pages.

Links to this website by other websites/portals

Prior permission is required before hyperlinks are directed from any website/portal to this website. Permission for the same, stating the nature of the content on the pages from where the link has to be given and the exact language of the Hyperlink should be obtained by sending a request at

Privacy Policy

We do not collect personal information for any purpose other than offering the service(s) available through this website. Our website never collects information or creates individual profiles for commercial marketing. If at any time you believe the principles referred to in this privacy statement have not been followed, or have any other comments on these principles, please notify the concerned through the contact us page.

Content Contribution, Moderation and Approval Policy (CMAP)

Following this policy, we provide a role based Content Management system. This CMS helps the website team in giving role specific access of administrator panel to different users. The Web administrator will also be able to manage information specifically meant for internal use, which may be viewable to other members after the successful login. Admin can create the users by assigning him a particular role and Module to which functions of a particular user are limited.

Web Content Review Policy

The web Administrator and the assigned Personnel's will have the responsibility for periodically reviewing the content of the website in respect of their respective domains and keep the information Up to Date. A proper workflow should be followed before final updation of content on the website.

Content Archival Policy

Content Archival Mechanism is in place to ensure that all outdated announcements are removed from the website or moved to archive. This will help website team in ensuring that the expired contents are removed from the main website.

Website Security Policy

As per the policy, the security audit of the websites and web portals is done and valid security audit certificate are maintained.
Note: A periodic check on the requirement of security certificate is recommended to the web information manager.

Website Monitoring Policy

Under the Website Monitoring Policy, it is advised to monitor periodically to address and fix the quality and compatibility issues around the following parameters:

  • Functionality:

    All modules of the website are tested for their Functionality for their smooth working.

  • Performance:

    All important pages of the website are tested for the download time.

  • Broken Links:

    The website is thoroughly reviewed to rule out the presence of any broken links or errors.

Contingency Management

The presence of the website on the Internet and that the site is fully functional all the times is very important. It is expected of the Government websites to deliver information and services on a 24X7 basis. Hence, all efforts are made from User Department Web Information Manager to minimize the downtime of the website as far as possible. In case of any defacement and data corruption, quick action is taken by the respective authorized personnel for the same.

Terms & Conditions

Though all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the content on this website, the same should not be construed as a statement of law or used for any legal purposes. The web contents are subject to change without any prior notice from Department of Telecommunications  website.